CQFlow Examples

The following examples introduce various concepts and ways CQFlow can be used to model Clinical Decision Support (CDS) logic. If you have not already done so, we suggest first reading the introduction and the introductory example to have full context for these examples.

Each example allows you to:

  • View the flow diagram
  • Choose different mock patients to see how the flow behaves
  • View the data emitted by the flow

By choosing different mock patients with different medical records, you will be able to see how the flow behaves under different conditions. Each decision point must respond to both cases when data is found, and when data is not found.

Breast Cancer Screening

This is the same example as used in the introductory example. It introduces the basic control flow nodes and data emitters.

Hypertension Diagnosis

Shows an example of using a custom form to collect data from a user when patient data can not be found, or to auto-populate the form when the medical history can be found.